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MusicAteliers courses have thrived for over 15 years in Switzerland, France and Italy.

Featuring eight sessions per season, lasting three hours each, they are particularly appreciated by the public.  Open to all, especially to art and music lovers who do not have a lot of spare time and who nevertheless wish to expand their appreciation through this artistic approach, the courses address every style, format and periods in terms of specific themes or events taken from local cultural news. They strive to provide listening skills and understanding that are expertly honed yet accessible to all.

Due to popular demand the courses have been enhanced with sessions on film analysis - cinémAteliers - dedicated to a selection of cinematographic masterpieces.  A buffet dinner, during the break, extends the simple and friendly atmosphere.


The courses have been created by orchestra conductor, composer and educator Patrick Crispini, renowned professional, long dedicated to artistic transdisciplinary processes making for a compelling and original program that is completely unique.


« Everything in art is interdependent.  All musical phenomena are approachable, even by an uninitiated audience […..] To grasp a form, a style is to connect with a period, a society, an esthetic.  To broach certain mysteries of music, is to discover one's own voice within the concert of life »

Patrick Crispini,

in Transmettre une passion, 2005